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Did you know? Scraper's Edge has completed over 9,100 job sites.

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A low profile blade assembly along with an internalized weight transfer system means there are no external weights on the machine blade holder - this makes hard to reach areas easily accessible without the loss of blade pressure (example: under radiant heat registers, counters or lockers).

The weight of the machine can be adjusted from 2600 lbs to 1800 lbs. This is useful in dealing with difficult flooring types or for transportation of the machine in light duty elevators.

The extreme versatility and compactness of the machine allows us to take a not-so conventional way up. Our equipment is designed to be lifted via either a forklift or a crane.

Our patented system effectively removes up to 90% of most adhesive. we leave you with a finish that is smooth to the touch and needs little prep time prior to installation of new finish.

Our machine maneuvers quickly and easily in tight spaces, allowing us to get the job done in those tough quick turn around jobs such as restaurant kitchens and office towers.

Our machines are equipped with self-contained carbon monoxide emissions control systems. we have worked within 15 different operating hospitals and countless other government facilities. We offer on-site emissions monitoring upon request.

There are no agitating or vibrating blades to create unnecessary dust.

We can maneuver anywhere. Our machinery is designed to fit through even the smallest commercial doorway or commercial elevator.

We are the Largest Commercial Floor Removal Company in Canada

Sqft of floor removed since 1998: